Wedding photography requires close liaison between photographer and client. An informal discussion is always held first to establish exactly how the bridal couple would like their wedding to be photographed, and how much time will be available.

Careful organisation will help to ensure that all the work can be completed in a relaxed but efficient way. Above all, we avoid taking over your wedding completely. Many weddings now take place at venues other than churches and offer a much wider selection of backgrounds. Our photographers are familiar with most of the local ones and can offer advice on these.

Traditional wedding albums will always be available and images can also be produced as a picture show on DVD.

Portrait photography retains its popularity. The use of digital cameras gives the photographer much greater freedom of movement and helps make the session as formal or informal as the client wants. Above all it should be fun!

Portrait Prices

Photograph size Price
(complete with frame)
Reorder price
 (without frame)
20" x 16" 225 100
16" x 12" 175 80
14" x 11" 150 70
12" x 10" 125 50
10" x 8" - 25
8" x 6" - 15
5" x 4" - 6
Included in the price:
  • Taking 15 to 20 photographs in our studio
  • Photographs supplied as an A3 proof sheet immediately after taking
  • All photographs viewed on computer
  • Retouching of photographs selected
We have a large selection of frames and mounts made to order
Please ring 01484 420775 for an appointment